Our Story

The Cold Year combines the raw power and DIY attitude of garage rockers with an obsession for jazz. All of this comes bundled with dark poignant songwriting, and a raucous, irreverent live show that's sure to make you feel things you thought you had buried long ago.  

Lead singer and guitarist Matthew Skaggs takes influence from classic genre tropes he grew up with, like the rock star attitude of heavy blues, the storytelling of classic folk artists, and the technicality of classic gypsy jazz greats. He's an accomplished guitarist and not half-bad at murderin'.

Bassist and backup yeller Mitch Shepherd comes from a background of jazz, hardcore, and pop punk. He combines the showmanship and energy of a pop punk bassist with the hard hitting bass lines of a hardcore kid, all the while effortlessly mixing in the smooth easy tones and grace of a jazz master. He enjoys long walks on the beach and shoplifting.

Drummer and backup handsome person, Josh Cannon comes from the world of progressive music and indie. Combining effortless drumming with hard hitting fills and enough groove to spare. His love for musical theater is second only to his love for fighting the Illuminati and preaching the truth about the planet Nibiru. 

It was either this, or a photo of us on some train tracks.

It was either this, or a photo of us on some train tracks.