The Cold Year encapsulates varying genres, so many that they could be considered a genre of their own. Think powerful guitars, haunting lyrics and a stadium sized sound that appeals to a deeper part of humanity.”

The Cold Year

The Cold Year is a bastard jazz trio from Salt Lake City using dynamic elements from each member to carve out a unique fusion of psychedelia and progressive rock n’ roll. Moving with ease in crumbling Cante Jondo brutal honesty pours through the foundation of their songwriting. Morose storytelling leads you through the dark and fluorescent rooms of frontman Matt Skaggs mind, with the same mundane examination many of us know all too well dealing with our own problems. The delicately harsh vocals burn slowly with added flavor from drummer Josh Cannon, a heavy-hitting All-American nice guy whose ability to groove hard, stems from his technically proficient background. On bass, Mitch Shepherd drives the group energetically with his rowdiness and go-getting originality, provoking the audience to groove till they drop.  

Each fundamental detail in connection with these three jazz bastards is what has made The Cold Year an established and accepted band in the scene. They enjoy long walks on the beach, writing Seinfeld fan fiction, and distributing the works of Karl Marx to children, making for one hell of a good time and an even better band to drink to.

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Prey For Me

The Cold Year

This album is dedicated to Heidi Markworth

Special Thanks to:
Jarin Eastman
Bradford Jones
Dustin Mitchell
Cecily Merrill Jorgensen
Michael Radford
Ian Lindsey
Emma Hansen
Connor Gerson
Shayla Furr
Rylee McDonald
The Real Doug Lane

The Cold Year is:
Matthew Skaggs
Mitch Shepherd
Josh Cannon

Drums by Columbia Jones: Kill Yourself, 33 1/3, and St. Iscariot
Backup Vocals by Emma Hansen: The Masses and Spanish Necks
Trumpet by Jaden Bueno: Spanish Necks
Keys by Brooks Hiatt: 33 1/3, The Masses, Spanish Necks, Ammonia

Recorded at Crooked Teeth Studios and Wizneyworld Studios.

Mixed at Wizneyworld Studios and Lake Effect Studio.

Produced by Jason Knoell

Mastered by Grant Matheson

Album Art by Emma Hilton of SliverTongue Studios
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