Praise the Goat is official

Hello my dear Yearlings,

WE DID IT! I drove up to Big Bryan Sansom's place yesterday and picked up the official final master of the album. I listened to it in the car, with our producer Jason. And can I just say it was surreal. Hearing the album knowing it's complete was a strange ephemeral experience. Each track went by in an instant and every moment and beat was something that really moved me it was something I was not prepared for. I kept having to remind myself that this was final. That it is forever engraved into that CD and that once the art and booklet were done it'd be finished. So much stress and worry lifted from my shoulders during that hour long drive home. 

The release date is officially set for September 10th at the Sheffield house in SLC. Its going to be an intimate and quite little evening of amazing music. We'll be joined by the incomaprable Little Moon, Clavicles, and Mortigi Tempo. I hope you're all ready to see me cry like a bitch once it's all said and done. Because this album has caused me more stress, worry, and happiness than I have felt in a long time. 


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  • Eric


    Excited to host you guys and pick up the album!

    Excited to host you guys and pick up the album!

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