Utah Music Festival

Hello our lovely Yearlings,

We were selected to play the Utah Music Festival this year! We will be playing alongside a ton of other amazing bands at a ton of other awesome venues in SLC. The bands playing include...

The Cold Year, SKYE, Matthew and the Hope, Vaydr, Badfeather, Ginger & The Gents, Scenic Byway, House of Lewis, BARBALOOT SUITZ, Opal Hill Drive, The Johnny Utahs, Coral Bones, Belle Jewel Music, Lost in Bourbon, I Hear Sirens, JANA and the Rebels, Listen Out Loud - LOL, Grits Green, Burnell Washburn, Missy Lynn, Stephanie Mabey, American Hitmen, Festive People, Amber Lynn, Ashley Hess, Brumby, Carver Louis and Old Lincoln Highway Band, GrapeGrass, Jody Whitesides, MiNX, Secret Abilities, Cherish A. Degraaf, Martian Cult, Perish Lane, Le Voir, Spirit City, Crook and The Bluff, Grey Glass, Vintage Overdrive, Arizona Sun, Motion Coaster, Eighth Day, Advent Horizon, and more! 

For $20 you can get a 3 day pass to see all the great music. Or you can just pay $6 and come to The Royal on March 3rd at 9pm to see us blow the roof off the entire venue. If you use the checkout code COLDYEAR you will be helping us out a great deal. 

We want all of our good friends there because when you attend you will have a chance to vote for us to go on and open for this years Twilight Concert Series. That's a very big deal and would help us immensely. So come out, have a drink, grab a burger, and Praise the Goat with us. This show is gonna be incredible. 

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